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  • Dear Dr. Barros,

    Thank you so much for not giving up on our precious girl, Dharma.

    I believe it was fate that brought you here when we needed you most. Your surgical expertise is amazing... the lacing for the wound treatment side effects from the extensive surgery is unbelievable. She runs like the wind again. Your diligence will never be forgotten…meeting us here on Sunday morning to change the dressing, Starbucks in hand, thank you. Your compassion is so deep...l know you really cared for Dharma, I could see that in the way you treated her. Your love for animals is undeniable. Your experience with my continual questions and phone calls is really appreciated. You never made me feel like I was bothering you with a trivial problem, always taking my concerns seriously. You encouraged me when things seemed so bleak. For as long as Dharma is with us and well beyond that, we will be grateful to you for everything you did for her. Your tremendous staff should not be overlooked Sally, Jessica, Joni and Jerry... Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the best. We've spent a lot of time together recently...and I will miss not seeing you on a daily basis I think Dharma recognizes you as part of the family now!

  • Kitten
  • Dr. Barros,

    I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful care you gave Big Red and also my son's dog Spike. The medicine you gave Spike has made a big difference. He now wants to play again and can even get on the couch again and is not scratching. Again, thank you very much. Please also thank your staff.

  • To all the staff (old and new),

    Thank you for your kindness, understanding, and most of all your caring in a very difficult circumstance. You made it a little bit easier, which helps a lot! Thanks again - for all you do.

  • Thank you

    Thank you so much for reacting so quickly to the potentially *really bad* situation with our kitties and the doggie tranquilizers today. If we weren't moving to Texas we would be taking all of our 8 animals to you exclusively.
    Thank you, Thank you and THANK YOU ALL!

  • To Dr. Barros & Staff

    Words cannot define the passion and dedication you've demonstrated to words helping my little dog recover from what could have been the end of his Life. Spanky and I thank You whole heartedly.

  • Dennis,

    you and your staff have gone above and beyond all my expectations and have done what I call an "Amazing" miracle on Spanky. Without your kind and generous support Spanky and I would not have made it through this.            THANK YOU SO MUCH

  • "Splash Dogs" A dog jumps into a pool.
  • Hi Joni

    I had your address because of your sending the pic of the tumor, and Jessica said to send this on over.  It hit me the other day, that if Dr. Barrow hadn't found the tumor and removed it, Duke's first jump probably would have been his last.  Now, he's addicted to it, and can't get enough.  We'll be in the finals this Sunday at 3:00 p.m..  He is in the category of dogs that jump 9.6 to 14 ft.  His recorded jumps have bee from 11. to his best, 13.9.  It's the perfect outlet for his competitive spirit; Fetching the ball, swimming, and competing while doing those.  He seems to know when we're leaving, competition over, and relaxes.  Until then, he is on red alert.  Runs down the dock, leaps, back up the ramp, and if we don't call him fast enough, he's back up the steps dancing around until one of us is up there.

    Thank you Dr. Barrow, it would have been a really sad time for all if he had done his first jump without the surgery.

    Blessings, Cyndi

  • I was referred here by a friend a few years ago, and a Five Star rating for this vet is not enough. Dr. Barros and his staff at Devotion Animal hospital deserve 5,000 stars!

    The entire support staff is just as caring, knowledgeable and supportive as Dr. Barros.

    I completely trust him with the care of our great Danes and Bulldogs. They are fabulous at routine care and ongoing doggie issues that arise but they are experts with surgery too! My female Dane had a C-Section with 13 puppies and the team made sure every puppy was safe, as well as my big blue girl, Sydney. I refer people here often because Dr. Barros treats you like family. He gives me the same advice and care he would give to his pets, they don’t run unnecessary tests they are very conservative yet cautious in their approach. The staff and Dr. are upbeat, down to earth and easy to talk to, there are no stuffy white coats to intimidate or frighten your pets. My mal e Dane was a little nervous initially going to the vet but the staff calls him by name, and makes him feel so safe it isn’t a issue now. I can assure you there isn’t a better vet or staff in Sonoma County to treat your precious pets. I know you will be PAWSatively pleased with Devotion Animal Hospital as we are.


  • “Absolutely the best vet that we have found in Santa Rosa! We appreciate the personalized care that we receive from Dr. Barros and the staff at Devotion Animal Hospital. We have learned more in the months of care with Dr. Barros about our pets than we did in the seven years that we were going to a “clinic type” practice in Santa Rosa, where we never had the same doctor twice. We feel confident that our pets are getting the best care possible. Many thanks to Dr. Barros and his staff—we look forward to a long relationship!”

    Randy, Paula, Penny (the Maltese) and Cooper (the Yorkie)

  • I want to write and explain what a “blessing” Devotion Animal Hospital, Dr. Barros and his entire staff have been to me and my family.

    When we relocated to California from Nevada, our biggest concern was to find the kind of veterinary care provider that would be the caliber we had. We had 3 pugs and 3 cats, ranging in age from 2 yrs to almost 13. We often joke that we had actually paid for our vet, Dr. VanderWald’s 3rd exam room. As you can probably guess, our “animals” were never pets but family.

    When we closed on our home here, the escrow agent mentioned who she used for her vet. We took our family to that office, and even though they were nice and professional, we did not have that “bond” that we were so used to. After some time, I began my search to find another care provider. I started on the internet and came across Devotion Animal Hospital. I loved the website, and not because of the “awards” or education of Dr. Barros, but because of his caring face and personal information about him and his wonderful staff. You can tell a lot by how people interact with their animals. Everyone on the site came across and compassionate and caring. We were anxious to make the appointment and actually go to the office. We were not disappointed. We felt at home.

    After a short time, my beloved Rosie, became ill. She was an insulin dependent diabetic since 2006. We were very confident in Dr. Barros Care. He helped her overcome a couple of medical crisis. Then suddenly, Rosie became extremely ill. She required surgery, emergency hospitalization and critical care. Dr. Barros made sure she had that. Even though I was out of the country, he still made sure I was aware of what was going on with her. He called me with updates and encouragement. Sadly, my sweet Rosie did not recover, but I know she had the best care possible because of Dr. Barros and his dedicated staff. Their sincere compassion was so comforting. When I went into the office to donate some of Rosie’s insulin supplies and food, the first thing Sally did was come around the desk and just hug me. When we took our other pug for a check-up, before he did anything, Dr. Barros, walked in the exam room, and said he had not seen me since Rosie’s passing and he wanted to just give me a hug, which he did. You CANNOT “FAKE” THAT COMPASSION!

    We have just “added” 2 beautiful 9 week old pug sisters to our family. The first place we took them was to Devotion Animal Hospital. We hope to have a very long and happy relationship with Dr. Barros and everyone at Devotion.

    Thank you for all you do, each and every one of you-we do so appreciate you.

    Les, Lisa, Dahlia, Violet, Daisy, Ole, Otis, Eddie and of course “Rosie” our angel.

  • When Dr. Barros came into our lives, our yellow lab, Kailas, was in his twilight years. Although he was not able to escape arthritis, his body was in pretty good shape. The greater problem was the increase in seizures. Dr. Barros was able to control them with medications, but he gently warned us that it could be a brain tumor. He said that with test he could verify it, but it would be costly and it would put Kailas through discomfort that probably wouldn’t change our plan of attack. Instead, he felt that we should go home and enjoy Kailas while we could. It was then that I asked Dr. Barros if he would help guide us as to when it would be time to let go.

    Through the years we have interacted with many veterinarians, and we have found that their true character comes out when choices must be made regarding the end of your pet’s life. Several months later, the time had come. When we called the office, Dr. Barros came to the phone and agreed to come out to the car so that Kailas could spend his final moments in his bed. When we arrived, Dr. Barros and Joni were waiting. It was a typical busy day at the office and they dropped everything to take care of us and our “Sweet Boy.”

    Four months later we showed up at Devotion Animal Hospital with a new puppy that came with a limp. Since she was so young we agreed to do the least invasive procedure. The results were promising; however, after three months our puppy decided that she needed to be a puppy and reinjured her knee. This time Dr. Barros recommended that we do a TPLO. Three months later her leg was better than new.

    As fate would have it, her other knee quickly failed. This time is was not just an injury. This time Dr. Barros found the problem was genetic, and that her upper and lower leg bones were twisted which didn’t allow her knee to work properly. At this point Dr. Barros didn’t hesitate to recommend we see a specialist.

    The specialist, who has seen it all, said that it would be a difficult three step procedure that he could not guarantee. Thinking of the cost and time involved in transportation to Marin county, I asked if he though Dr. Barros could do it. Obviously he couldn’t answer that question considering the complexity of the procedure and not knowing Dr. Barros personally, but he said that based on the work Dr. Barros performed on the other leg, he had confidence in him.

    After a long conversation with the specialist, Dr. Barros felt that he could do the procedures. He spent the next week continuing his research and creating models to practice on. As with every procedure, Dr. Barros had us come to the office so that he could explain his plans. We were amazed at how above and beyond he was willing to go for our puppy. To date, our sweet little girl is on her way to a strong recovery and a chance at a normal life.

    Of all the wonderful things that we could say about Dr. Barros and his warm and loving staff, our puppy Halea, puts it best every time she runs into the office to greet Sally, Jessica and Joni. Keep in mind she has been through eight surgeries and has been put under countless times for x-rays. She has been dropped off before hours and kept overnight several times. All of this, she experienced before her first birthday. I know that it is hard to believe, but Halea loves to go to Devotion Animal Hospital, a place that truly lives up to its name.